2-Week Research Sprint Masterclass

Learn everything you need to run efficient and powerful 2-Week Research Sprints to propel your design, product, or business strategy forward with confidence.

Pioneers in the Industry

Learn everything you need, directly from the creator and O.G. team behind the 2-Week Research Sprint.

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What You Get

This course gives you everything you need to conduct and sell 2-Week Research Sprints, generate powerful findings and insights, and demonstrate value to influence business needs.

2-Week Research
Sprint Video Course

Over 50 videos taught by our team of experts


Includes all of our internal documents, timelines and templates


Learn from anywhere, anytime and get access to all future updates

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Get guided hands-on experience with real transcripts


Exclusive to students and alumni only, moderated by our team of experts


How to sell the 2-Week Research Sprint and How to Sell Anything, tips from Mona Patel on growing a $25M+ UX business

Embrace for Impact

Clients who have embraced the 2-Week Research Sprint

Your Instructors

Mona Patel

Creator 2-Week Research Sprint

Mona is a founder, CEO, UX expert, professor, speaker, author, mother and creator of the 2-Week Research Sprint. She opened Motivate Design as a place for clients to get what they need as opposed to what an agency was trying to sell. Through creative problem solving and fearless leadership, Mona has built a team of UX professionals who understand and deliver beautiful and innovative design solutions. Fun Fact: Mona wrote her best-selling book Reframe: Shift the Way You Work, Innovate and Think on Siri, recording her frustrations and desire to make design thinking a fundamental foundation in business.

Domenica de Fazio

Senior UX Researcher

Domenica is a Senior UX Researcher at Motivate and has been a consumer researcher for 13+ years. While her career started in a corporate environment, she left the limits of working for one company to become a consultant and learn across a multitude of industries. Domenica is also an Adjunct Professor at Parsons School of Design in New York, NY and has a passion for sharing her skill set and teaching entrepreneurs, college students and even her daughter’s Brownie Troop. Fun fact: Domenica was Mona’s first hire at Motivate Design in 2009.

Mary Warren

Client Engagement Manager

Mary has a background in design strategy, qualitative and quantitative research, and project management. She has proved to be a powerhouse and influential member of our internal Research Sprint offering, Insider Insight, and has participated in all client engagements including ideation sessions, workshops and Sprints. Her current role as Client Engagement Manager keeps her busy when she’s not at home with her rescue cat, Oliver. Fun fact: Mary once fell off her chair at a Drake concert, a characteristic that feels defining.

Alex Harrison

Project Manager

Alex has a diverse background at creative agencies working in client relations, design strategies and project management. Her skills lead her to Motivate where she has been an asset in multiple facets of the agency as a Project Manager. Alex’s skill in optimizing processes has greatly contributed to the success of Insider Insight. Fun fact: Her middle name is Dora which makes her a natural explorer, a skill that comes in handy with 2-Week Research Sprints.


Course Curriculum

50+ videos from our team of experts.

What our students are saying…

With the 2-Week Research Sprint Masterclass, I see opportunities. It’s improved the quality of my judgment by showing me parts of the equation I was not seeing before.”

Chiara Antonucci, Growth Product Designer, Contentful

The content was thought-out and clear with a lot of practical elements, like timelines, templates and even discussion of payment. I could see someone taking the course and having the tools to start their own research sprint agency. I’ve taken other online courses that usually don’t hold my interest but the content was entertaining and engaging.”

Jacob Lawson, UX Lead, MatchesFashion.com

The presentation from Mona about her framework for a research sprint was a true mind shift. In terms of thoguht leadership, I found that to be the most radical presentation I’ve attended in a while. Kudos!”

Nicole B., Capital One

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