Redefining the Meaning of Self Install

The Challenge

‘Help us redesign the customer self-install experience influencing greater efficiencies and aligning to broader organizational goals.’

The Reframe

How might we redefine the concept of Self-Install through making each customer feel
in control and supported at the same time?

Our Approach

Deliver a service design blueprint and roadmap that:

  • Identifies ‘Quick Win’ opportunities
  • Optimizes the current-state experience
  • Outlines an enhancement roadmap for future-state implementation

Define success metrics plans measuring the performance of the optimized Self-Install experience

Utilize the Self-Install journey to reinforce and amplify new brand standards.

Our Methods

  • In-depth Discovery
  • Reframe Workshops
  • UX Strategy
  • Journey Maps / Personas
  • Visual UI / Package Design
  • Usability Testing

The Results

  • Detailed experience mapping taking into account immediate artifact and process enhancements with long-term ‘north star’ initiatives.
  • Integrated design enhancements factoring in new brand principles through simplifying the steps required
    to a successful install.
  • Differentiated customer personas proactively identifying technical competency and communication strategies.

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