Mad Money:
Financial Fights Between Partners

The Question

From the female perspective, what don’t partners agree on or argue about when it comes to money?

Background: Motivate Design would like to better understand the inner-workings of a financial relationship, specifically what partners lie and fight about behind closed doors, in order to uncover areas of opportunity for consumer banks, financial advisory firms, accounting firms and credit card companies.


Insider Insight 4-Week Genuine Exploration

Who We Talked To

20 Insiders had a conversation with a Connection, who are part of a business partnership, married couple or in a relationship, in order to understand the lies and fights around money.

20 women 
14 states 
Ages 20-64

“And I think just because when you don’t have money, no matter how little or big it is, it’s just it’s overwhelming. And those types of events can take over everything in your life. Just because you spent the extra couple hundred dollars, it took over everything. It made us fight at home. Everything was terrible, work, our conversations, us getting along with our daughter in the house. And it was simply over just a money decision, that had he called and said he was going to do it, I would have said, ‘I already spent it.’ And it would’ve been spent.”

– Sam (40) Nanny


Comprehensive understanding of the needs of women when it comes to their finances

Key findings that can validate and challenge assumptions for products, services and brand positioning

Creative and strategic analysis to drive next-steps

The Reframe

When couples have financial fights, it’s not about the money. Financial friction puts a spotlight on existing and underlying cracks in the foundation of a relationship and the clashing of each member of couple’s individual core values

Next Steps

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