Learning About Memberships Through Relationships

The Challenge

‘We want to better understand and serve NikePlus members to increase engagement and grow it’s reach.’

The Reframe

How might we provide an ongoing feed of fresh and timely information about the member to the Nike stakeholders in a way that is compelling and engaging?

Our Approach

We synthesized what Nike already knew and validated it (when appropriate). We then studied members from different angles, focusing on exploring the “white space” within segments and challenging our assumptions on who the members are.

Using our latest user engagement network, Insider Insight,  we were able to sit down with a large group of customers to discuss their needs, wants, likes, dislikes and whether or not the program was enticing them as was the initial intention.  In addition we ran a competitor and trend analysis.

Our Methods

  • Insider Insight
  • User Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Visual UI Design
  • Ongoing Support

The Results

  • Identified opportunities for innovation and action to connect with members.
  • Strategy for empowering users to start their own Nike clubs and even become mentors enabling connection that members crave.
  • A design for how to communicate value when a user first joins for a clear vision of how NikePlus can benefit them

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