Connecting Patients with Care Teams

The Challenge

How can we build a deeper understanding of Patients, Caregivers, and HCPs to provide a more personal experience in digital medicine?

The Reframe

How might we help Patients struggling with serious mental health disorders live their normal fostering better communication with care teams?

Our Approach

Understand and build empathy for the unique challenges of a specific Patient population highly-stigmatized in our culture.

Understand the challenges of HCPs and Caregivers dealing with limited time and resources.

Strategize, Design, and Validate a valued solution for each stakeholder delivering a seamless experience within a complex digital eco-system.

Our Methods

  • In-depth Discovery Interviews
  • Reframe Workshops
  • UX Strategy
  • Journey Mapping
  • Design Sprints
  • Usability Testing

The Results

  • Comprehensive discovery and validation insights driving go-forward strategic business and design decisions.
  • A revamped Patient experience conveying complex tasks in a clear, intuitive, user interface.
  • FDA-ready design documentation and improved human factors adoption test ratings by over 70%.

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