Unifying Teams for a Stronger Pfizer Community

The Challenge

‘How can we have a common language and shared set of design tools serving a globally
diverse set of teams to
increase productivity?’

The Reframe

How might we build a design thinking framework and core assets serving a wide array of partners
creating stronger bonds that leads to better solutions and overall satisfaction?

Our Approach

Understand the Pfizer UX team’s process and core needs in how it works with internal client partners.

Develop a design system serving as a universal library of brand-approved assets and interactions
used for ideation-based Hackathons and product development.

Redesign and facilitate Pfizer Hackathons and Spark Lab workshops for internal client partner
teams rapidly developing user-centric concept solutions.

Provide UX Squad team support of concept validation and refinement for full follow through of
internal project initiatives leading up to and beyond launch.

Our Methods

  • In-Depth Discovery Interviews
  • Reframe Workshops
  • UX Strategy
  • Design System
  • UX Squads
  • UX/UI Design Sprints & Prototyping

The Results

  • Improved cross-channel communication using a shared design thinking philosophy, design system, and ideation approach.
  • 2X Pfizer client partner ideation and prototyping workshops from the year prior increasing awareness and trust in the Pfizer global UX team as a viable internal resource for innovative customer-centric solutions.
  • Multiple sprint-based functional prototypes exceeding management expectations and client partner needs.

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