The Motivate Playbook

Our approach to increasing customer engagement, loyalty, and sales puts insight at the forefront of the design process.


Listen to your customers, understanding
their challenges, perspectives, and voices.

Insider Insight™
2-Week Research Sprint Course
Friendship Groups™
UX Expert Reviews
Usability Testing


Consider the problem and possibilities for the solution while mapping opportunities.


Discovery, Ideation, Execution


Personas, Journey Maps,
Opportunity Reports


Realize the vision through lean design and detail-oriented execution of an experience.

Prototyping, Design Sprints, Design Systems, Brand Identity

UX Hires, Motivate Talent Pool

Customer Insight

Research, Reframed.

From traditional research capabilities to our unique Insider Insight™ and Friendship Group™ methods; we seamlessly integrate customer understanding throughout the design process.

Powered by authentic conversations, our research provides fast, powerful, and actionable views into the real lives and needs of your customers. We also offer these as stand-alone research services to inform your critical business decisions at any stage.

What You Get.

Identify potential weaknesses before they hurt sales or damage
your brand.

Avoid costly missteps by gauging customer perceptions before you
go to market.

Flexible menu of research options, valuable customer insights available
to every company, at any stage.

Qualitative nature of research delivers important insights; either as a stand-alone product or to complement traditional research methods.

Experience Strategy

Design in Action.

More than just buzzwords, Motivate’s design thinking strategy and Design Sprint process applies proven UX principles to help your team
re-imagine your approach to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

With our Reframe Workshops, Motivate brings in-house teams together to align, discover opportunities, and overcome challenges helping improve the products, services, tools, and techniques they need to win in a highly-competitive business landscape.

Why Workshops Work.

Empower your team to elevate their design process by introducing new ways to approach challenges, address weaknesses, fill gaps, and unlock opportunities.

Break out of design ruts through re-imagining your approach to create exceptional customer experiences.

Learn valuable skills and methods your team can use for future applications.

Bring your product or service to market faster with our guided Design Sprints.

Avoid costly mistakes by taking a more robust approach to the design process.

Solution Design

Agile Solutions.

Using Motivate’s Talent Pool model, get to market faster with an
on-demand team of experts assembled to your specifications.

Unlike most experienced design agencies, Motivate can build custom teams around each client’s unique requirements. Powered by our UX Hires talent specialists, we can stretch for more capacity or flex for specific expertise in real-time to create fast, effective delivery options.

The UX Hires Advantage.

We get UX – being a part of Motivate Design, we have an unparalleled understanding of the space and are active within the community on a global scale.

Our network is 10k strong and growing so we can support your recruiting strategy whatever UX role you need, wherever you are, and before you go to market.

Client experience is what we do so matching people to organizations and cultures based on experience, personality fit and skill is our primary KPI.

We have versatility working across industry verticals from start-ups to Fortune 100, B2Bs to B2Cs and from mid-level to C-level roles ensuring the right talent for you.

About Motivate Design

Beyond the Work.

Founded in 2009 and based in New York City, Motivate exists to empower organizations to realize the potential of better customer experiences. More importantly though, we design human interactions that make a meaningful impact.

Whether it be partnering in female empowerment initiatives like the E-School for Girls and Girls in Tech, or through our Founder and CEO Mona Patel’s children’s book entitled The Thing About Swings, we are dedicated to the work that we do and the relationships we build with the goal of changing lives well beyond the bottom line.

Let’s Connect.

Our goal is to help you connect with your customers and achieve maximum business impact through UX.

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