UX Design Support and Execution in a Fast-Moving Industry

The Challenge

‘Give us skilled, adaptable design talent that can help us iteratively launch and improve upon our digital advisor platform.’

The Reframe

How might we offer AE on the ground design capabilities while helping them see big picture experience considerations?

Our Approach

Assess Advisor Engine’s core needs and provide a ‘Squad’ model of staffing making available skilled visual UI designers coupled with UX product strategists.

Understand, conceptualize, design, develop and iterate key UI screens for the Advisor Engine product platform ranging from client onboarding through to dashboard interactions and data visualization reporting.

Scope and advise on ongoing resource needs based on Advisor Engine’s evolving business model in a highly-competitive fintech industry.

Our Methods

  • UX Squads Staffing
  • UX Strategy
  • UX/UI Design Sprints & Prototyping

The Results

  • Timely on the ground UX talent vetted by Motivate capable of working rapidly and iteratively meeting aggressive sprint development-based project plans.
  • Scalable visual and interactive UX / UI standards
    allowing for a common language between product managers, designers and development teams.
  • Actively-managed UX support leveraged for key initiatives with an equal focus on project goals, timelines and budgets.

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